BZ 103 Immunity and autoimmunity in early childhood 2-3rd of June 2022


2-3rd of June, 2022 at the Nobelforum, Nobels väg 1, Solna, Sweden

Berzelius Symposium 103 is organized by the Swedish Society of Medicine in cooperation with The Journal of Internal Medicine and sponsored by The Healthy Baby Initiative of JANSSEN RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT and Blueprint Genetics.

The symposium is organized to provide an in-depth review and discussion about the development of the immune response and autoimmunity in early childhood.  The immune response in the first years of life will shape the function of the immune system during a lifetime. Monogenic diseases affecting the immune response will be discussed in relation to autoimmunity and novel treatments. The consequences of early infections, the development of the microbiome and virome will be discussed in relation to the function of the immune system in adulthood.

This two-day symposium will feature a series of lectures by leading scientists; younger investigators are invited to present posters.  The symposium is a first-time initiative to discuss the shaping of the immune system in early childhood and its consequences for the adult life.

Organizing and scientific committee
Olle Kämpe, Stockholm. Sweden and Åke Lernmark, Malmö, Sweden,

Daniel Agardh, Malmö, Sweden
Petter Brodin, Stockholm, Sweden
Helena Elding Larsson, Malmö, Sweden
Outi Mäkitie, Stockholm, Sweden
Anna Wedell, Stockholm, Sweden
Carin Andrén Aronsson, Malmö , Sweden, Scientific Secretary



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