Preliminary programme

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Wednesday May 23rd, 2018

11.00–13.00 Registration at Jubileumsaulan, Malmö

13.00 Opening of symposium
Stefan Lindgren, President, the Swedish Society of Medicine     
Jan Nilsson, Chair of the scientific board, HLF Foundation
Peter M Nilsson, Chair, Organizing committee, Malmö

Session 1
Definition of diabetes and origins of cardiovascular complications

Chair: Francesco Cosentino, Stockholm

13.10–13.30 Diabetes – a disease with many faces. Leif Groop, Malmö
13.30–13.50 Lifestyle interventions in the context of precision medicine. Tuomas Oskari Kilpeläinen, Denmark
13.50–14.10 The red blood cell in diabetes. John Pernow, Stockholm
14.10–14.30 The gene-diet-microbiota-metabolism link.
Marju Orho-Melander, Malmö

14.30–15.00 Coffee, Posters

Session 2 Epidemiology and trends
Chair: Annika Rosengren, Göteborg

15.00–15.20 Life course perspectives. The Finnish experience.
Johan Eriksson, Helsinki, Finland
15.20–15.40 Early life programming of cardiometabolic disease
– Global perspectives. Chittaranjan Yajnik, Pune, India
15.40–16.00 Factors contributing to the global rise in type 2 diabetes and impaired glucose regulation. William Knowler, Phoenix, USA
16.00–16.20 Global trends in cardiovascular disease – increased disease burden, but not everywhere. Helena Nordenstedt, Stockholm

Session 3 State-of-the-Art 1
Chair: Leif Groop, Malmö

16.20–16.50 Personalized medicine to treat patients with diabetes.
Andrew Hattersley, Exeter, UK

16.50–17.00 Best poster abstract 1.

17.15 Welcome Reception at Jubileumsaulan

Thursday May 24th, 2018
Session 4 Diabetes – the clinical spectrum
Chair: Anna Norhammar, Stockholm

08.30–08.50 Diabetes complications: impact of metformin. John Petrie, Glasgow
08.50–09.10 Testosteron, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Anne Wang, Stockholm
09.10–09.30 Identifying novel biochemical pathways as possible drug targets for the prevention and treatment of diabetes. Martin Magnusson, Malmö
09.30–09.50 Endocrine disturbances in diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Olle Melander, Malmö

09.50–10.20 Coffee, Posters

Session 5 State-of-the-Art 2    
Chair: Marju Orho-Melander, Malmö

10.20–10.50 Lifestyle as the first step for prevention and treatment of diabetes. Mai-Lis Hellenius, Stockholm

Session 6 Primary prevention of CVD complications in diabetes
Chair: Peter Rossing, Copenhagen

10.50–11.10 Glycaemic control. Katarina Eeg-Olofsson, Göteborg
11.10–11.30 Lipid control. Mats Eriksson, Stockholm
11.30–11.50 Blood pressure control. Karin Manhem, Göteborg
11.50–12.10 Cardio-renal protection. Per-Henrik Groop, Helsinki, Finland

12.10–13.00 Lunch, Posters

Session 7 Secondary prevention of CVD complications in diabetes
Chair: Linda Mellbin, Stockholm

13.00–13.20 The importance of a target driven multifactorial approach.
Lars Rydén, Stockholm
13.20–13.40 New lipid-lowering treatment and goals. Olov Wiklund, Göteborg
13.40–14.00 Arterial stiffness – A new treatment target? Peter M Nilsson, Malmö
Pro-Pro debate
14.00–14.40 Second-line treatment for type 2 diabetes – incretin active drugs or SGLT2 inhibitors as first choice?!
Pro incretin drugs: Anders Frid, Malmö
Pro SGLT2 drugs: Jan Eriksson, Uppsala

14.40–15.10 Coffee, Posters

Session 8 The role of guidelines for prevention of cardiovascular complications
Chair: Lars Rydén, Stockholm

15.10–15.30 European perspective. Francesco Cosentino, Stockholm
15.30–15.50 Transatlantic perspective. William M Herman, USA
15.50–16.10 Swedish perspective. Carl Johan Östgren, Linköping

Session 9  State-of-the Art 3
Chair: Lars Rydén, Stockholm

16.10–16.40 Integration of basic and clinical science for prevention of  diabetes complications – focus on the incretin system. Eberhard Standl, Germany

16.40–17.00 Best poster abstract 2 and 3

19.00 Symposium Dinner in Malmö (pre-registration is necessary).

Friday May 25th, 2018

Session 10 Quality Assessment and Developments, Registers
Chair: Emil Hagström, Uppsala

08.30–08.50 The National Diabetes Register, Sweden. Soffia Gudbjörnsdottir, Göteborg
08.50–09.10 SWEDEHEART, Sweden. Bertil Lindahl, Uppsala
09.10–09.30 SEPHIA Register, Sweden. Margrét Leosdottir, Malmö
09.30–09.50 EUROASPIRE. Viveca Gyberg, Stockholm
09.50–10.20 Coffee, Posters

Session 11 The role of Patients, Relatives and the Health Care Organisation
Chair: Mona Landin-Olsson, Lund

10.20–10.40 Swedish Diabetes Association. Fredrik Löndahl, Helsingborg
10.40–11.00 Patient centered health care. Åsa Hörnsten, Umeå
11.00–11.20 Primary Health Care. Carl Johan Östgren, Linköping
11.20–11.40 The Steno Diabetes Centre Concept. Allan Flyvbjerg, Copenhagen, Denmark
Panel debate: Quality of diabetes care – New challenges for 2020!
Chair: Anders Frid, Malmö

11.40–12.30 Panelists: Karin Wikblad, Fredrik Löndahl, Carl Johan Östgren, Allan Flyvbjerg, Soffia Gudbjörnsdottir, Viveca Gyberg, Stig Attvall

12.30–12.40 Closing remarks. Lars Rydén and Peter M Nilsson

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