Wednesday 11 September 2019

12:00 Lunch and registration

13.00–13.15 Welcome and introduction. Tommy Olsson, Umeå and Julia Goedecke, Cape Town

13.15–14.00 Favourable adiposity genes pinpoint to the role of subcutaneous and liver fat in the ethnic differences in adiposity and diabetes risk, Hanieh Yaghootkar, Exeter (UK) 
Chair: Julia Goedecke, Tommy Olsson

14.00–14.45 The genome out of context: gene-environment interactions in obesity and type 2 diabetes. Paul Franks, Lund

14.45–15.15 Tea/Coffee

15.15–16.00 Understanding and overcoming diabetes inequalities in indigenous populations – lessons from Australia. Alex Brown, Adelaide 
Chair: Charles Agyemang, Julia Otten

16.00–17:00 Ethnic disparities in type 2 diabetes risk: the South African experience. Julia Goedecke, Cape Town

17.00–19.00 Poster session, including presentation of 6 best posters (5 min each) All

19.00 Dinner

Thursday 12 September 2019

08.30–09.15 Racial disparity in obesity: Is physiology to blame? Barbara Gower, Birmingham (US)
Chair: William C Knowler, Mats Ryberg

09.15–10.00 Pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes in East Asians. Kyong Soo Park, Seoul

10.00–10.30 Coffee

10.30–11.15 Precision medicine in isolated populations – lessons from Greenland. Torben Hansen, Copenhagen
Chair: Elin Chorell

11.15–12.00 How epidemiologic research in American Indians led to randomized clinical trials in prevention of type 2 diabetes. William C Knowler, Phoenix

12.00–12.45 Cardiovascular disease burden among African migrants in Europe: Insights from the RODAM study. Charles Agyemang, Amsterdam

12.45–13.45 Lunch

13.45–15.00 Round table discussion including all speakers, and input from audience.
Chair: Tommy Olsson and Julia Goedecke


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