The Cardiac Patient from Birth to Adulthood


21–22 February 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden

Welcome to the Berzelius symposium on The Cardiac Patient from Birth to Adulthood. The meeting will be held on 21-22 February 2019 at the Swedish Society of Medicine, Klara Östra Kyrkogata 10 in Stockholm.
This two-day symposium will cover several aspects on heart disease but with a focus on congenital heart disease.
The lecturers are international experts in their respective fields. There will also be clinical case presentations with discussions and possibilities to present abstracts with input from leading experts.
Areas covered are epidemiology of adult congenital heart disease, congenital heart disease and development of atherosclerosis, prematurity and later development of arterial hypertension, single ventricle physiology, exercise capacity, arrhythmia, patient reported outcomes and closure of persistent foramen ovale in cryptogenic stroke.
The meeting is arranged in collaboration between Journal of Internal Medicine, Acta Pediatrica and the Swedish Society of Medicine.

Welcome to the symposium!
Organising committee: Bengt Johansson, Hugo Lagercrantz, Annika Rydberg, Magnus Domellöf, Per Dahlqvist, Ulf de Faire, Ulf Thilén


Thursday 21 February 2019

09.15–09.30 Welcome and introduction. Hugo Lagercrantz, Ulf de Faire, Bengt Johansson

09.30–10.00 Adult congenital heart disease – past, present and future. Michael Gatzoulis, London, UK

10.00–10.30 The changing epidemiology in congenital heart disease. Ariane Marelli, Montreal, Canada

10.30–11.00 Coffee

11.00–11.30 Atherosclerosis in patients with congenital heart disease. Eero Jokinen, Helsinki, Finland

11.30–12.00 Arrhythmia interventions in complex congenital heart disease. Sabine Ernst, London, UK

12.00–12.30 Single ventricle physiology. Marc Gewillig, Leuven, Belgium

12.30–13.30 Lunch

13.30–14.00 Physical capacity in adults with congenital heart disease. Gerhard-Paul Diller, Münster, Germany

14.00–14.30 Quality of life in adult patients with congenital heart disease. Philip Moons, Leuven, Belgium

14.30–15.00 Persistent foramen ovale in chryptogenic stroke. Lars Søndergaard, Copenhagen, Denmark

15.00–15.30 Poster presentation

15.30–16.00 Coffee and poster session

16.30–17.00 Evolutionary aspects on the origin of cardiac disease.        Johan Frostegård, Stockholm, Sweden

17.00 Refreshments

18.30 Buffet-dinner at the Swedish Society of Medicine. (Pre-reservation is necessary!)

Friday 22 February 2019

08.30–09.00 Fetal origins of adult cardiovascular disease. Mark Hanson, Southampton, UK

09.00–09.30 Early life origins of adult cardiovascular disease. Atul Singhal, London, UK

09.30–10.00 Preterm birth and cardiovascular risk. Mikael Norman, Stockholm, Sweden

10.00–10.30 Coffee

10.30–12.45 Clinical case management - expert discussion.
Chair: Ulf Thilén, Lund, Bengt Johansson, Umeå, Magnus Domellöf, Umeå, Annika Rydberg, Umeå

  • Pulmonal insufficiency
  • Liver disease in univentricular physiology
  • Borderline hypertension in aortic coarctation
  • The fullterm SGA baby – risk management
  • Persistent ductus – management in early life
  • Coronary artery function after arterial switch
  • Ross surgery – when?

12.45–13.00 Concluding remarks. Bengt Johansson and Annika Rydberg

13.00 Buffet-lunch

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