Global Health Week 8-14 october 2018

Hälsa & Sjukvård

Join the Swedish Society for Medicine’s Student and Junior Doctor Section as we talk about global health all through week 41.

By organizing a series of events, we hope to stir the discussion and give you helpful insights to future career choices. We aim for a challenging, interactive and creative week with events on university campuses in Sweden - all through week 41!

This is a great opportunity to learn new facts, grab a coffee with like-minded students and mingle with the lecturers! Fika will (of course) be provided.

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Titel: Women's Health in a globalized society - prejudices, challenges and facts
Tid: Thursday, October 11, 2018 at 6 PM – 8:30 PM
Plats: Gunnesalen, Psykiatrins hus, Akademiska sjukhuset Uppsala
Beskrivning: An interactive evening, focusing on Women's Health in a globalized society - prejudices, challenges and facts. The night will include lectures and discussions. Lecturers will spread knowledge, and group discussions within the audience lead by professionals challenge different perspectives. We aim to have a problem solving focus during the evening.
Titel: Lunchföreläsning: Fältarbete för Läkare utan gränser
Tid: Monday at 12:15 PM – 1 PM
Plats: Hasselquist, Linköping Universitet
Beskrivning: Under vecka 41 uppmärksammar vi i SLS Kandidat- och underläkarförening ämnet global hälsa under temaveckan Global Health Week 2018. Vi bjuder därför på en spännande lunchföreläsning måndagen 8/10 med Helena Frielingdorf Lundqvist som har stor erfarenhet av fältarbete för Läkare utan gränser. Helena gör ST i psykiatri och har arbetat i Nepal, Kongo, Myanmar och Centralafrikanska Republiken. Hon har deltagit i olika projekt med olika inriktningar såsom primärvård, mödrahälsovård, pediatrik, infektionssjukdomar och psykiatri. Ta chansen att höra henne berätta om sina erfarenheter få en inblick i hur fältarbete för Läkare utan gränser fungerar.
Titel: Global Health Week Lund – Panel Debate on Sexual and Reproductive Health
Tid: Monday at 6 pm – 9 pm
Plats: Locus Medicus Lundensis, Lunds Universitet
Beskrivning: It is finally time for Global Health Week! In Lund, we are inviting you to an evening with focus on Sexual and Reproductive Health. We will be serving dinner and the event is free of charge. Introduction lecture given by Tobias Alfvén, followed by a panel featuring panelists from Uganda, South Sudan, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ethiopia, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Sweden.

Tobias is a senior researcher in Global Health at KI as well as a pediatrician at Sachs Hospital. Tobias has many years' experience working in the field of global child health, having done research in Africa, Asia and Europe and is currently involved in projects in Uganda, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Vietnam and Sweden. He is also a long-time advocate for children's health in various UN institutions, as well as the current chair of the Swedish Society of Medicine's committee on Global Health.

The panel will be moderated by Anette Agardh and Lotta Velin. Anette is a professor in Global Health at Lund University, who has many years of experience in the field of SRHR (Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights) and her research has mainly focused on youth and sexuality, as well as vulnerable groups and their reproductive health and rights. Lotta Velin is a medical student who will be representing the Swedish Society of Medicines Student and Junior Doctor Section.
The event requires registration and the link for this registration will be released in this facebook-event on Monday. There will be limited spots and it is first come first served!

Global Health Week Umeå 2018 October 8-12th. Coffee and Sandwich will be served at the events.

Tuesday 9/10: Umeå University Hospital, Common Ground 12.15-12.45, Disaster Medicine & Global Health - An Introduction. Hanna Jerndal & Joakim Bergman, Medical Doctors & IFMSA Certified Disaster Medicine Trainers

Wednesday 10/10: Umeå University Hospital, Common Ground 12.15-12.45, Rape Prevention Programs in Nairobi - John Kinsman, Associate Professor in Global Health, Epidemiology and Global Health Unit, Umeå University

Thursday 11/10: Umeå University Hospital, Common Ground 12.15-12.45,
Malaria - Johan Normark, Medical Doctor, Specialist in Infectious Diseases at the Umeå University Hospital

Umeå University Hospital, Floor 9, Room D 15-16.30, Internationalisation at home - overcoming challenges, Dr. Jennifer Valcke, Senior lecturer and and education developer,

Friday 12/10: Umeå University Hospital, Common Ground 12.15-12.45,
Disaster Medicine - When You Are First At The Sight, Hanna Jerndal & Joakim Bergman, Medical Doctors & IFMSA Certified Disaster Medicine Trainers