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MTF Member part of expert panel discussion future of Life Science in EU.

Lucy Robertshaw is an MTF member, an entrepreneur, and a human being in possession of outstanding commitment. She is one of the speakers at the conference "Financing the Future of Life Sciences in the EU"

About the conference

The European Investment Bank, EIB, has invited representatives from Europe's life science industry in connection with the Swedish EU presidency. The aim is to explore the opportunities and challenges associated with financing life science innovations and promote discussions about Europe's future needs. 

 "Financing the Future of Life Sciences in the EU" take place 26th juni 09:30-12:00  Hotel Elite Carolina Tower, Solna. 

Read more at the website ”Financing the Future of Life Sciences in the EU”

What happens in the future?

The question to be answered is: "What Financing does Europe need in the Future". The invited experts will share their perspectives on the growing needs in Europe and identify important funding needs for future projects.

Lucy has a simple answer to the complicated question of what the future will require:

- Cooperation! Sweden is a fairly small country, only 10 million inhabitants. Despite that, some of the best innovations are here, New Karolinska is Europe's most modern hospital and here there is free education at an academic level, for everyone. Nevertheless, there is a lack of competence and the resources are not enough. Working in silos as the 21 regions do means 20 unnecessary reinventions of the wheel and 21 different levels of care quality.

The entrepreneur who builds networks through engagement

Lucy is a committed entrepreneur who is passionate about collaboration and transparency, with the users in focus. She is a member of MTF and as a representative of business life and contributes valuable knowledge in, among other things, the focus group for networking and national cooperation

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Photo: Lucy Robertshaw
Text: Carolinn Olsson