ACTION Sweden - Alliance for Clinical Trials on acute InfectiONs in Sweden

ACTION Sweden is a national network and a platform for collaboration between Sweden's infection clinics and other specialties in order to enable high-quality clinical research on acute infections.

The purpose of ACTION Sweden is to create a network for collaboration between researchers at Sweden's infection clinics and between these and other specialties that operate in outpatient and inpatient care, to enable high-quality clinical research on acute infectious diseases. The network will facilitate the execution of clinical multicenter studies in Sweden with a focus on interventions such as changed working methods, improved diagnostics or optimized processing and treatment.

The overall purpose is to promote good patient care, scientific production and international competitiveness.

The design of the network is based on a broad representation of the subject of infectious diseases in Sweden. The ongoing work is led by a steering committee whose task is to develop and evaluate the network's activities and organization and to submit proposals for changes and improvements. The steering committee includes a representative at each infection clinic at the university hospitals in Sweden (Uppsala University Hospital, Karolinska University Hospital, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Skåne University Hospital, University Hospital of Umeå, Linköping University Hospital and Örebro University Hospital). The operational work is performed by researchers within the network.

ACTION Sweden is part of the Swedish Society of Medicine (SLS) under the delegation for medical research.

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