Hans Rosling
Professor of International Health, Gapminder and Karolinska Institutet.

" Extreme poverty is the worst global health problem!" 

 Gunhild Stordalen

Gunhild Stordalen
MD/PhD, Chair, Stordalen Foundation, CEO, GreeNudge.

"There is no business on a dead planet"


Richard Horton
Chief editor, The Lancet

"Climate change is the biggest global
health threat of the 21st century".

Olle Stendahl
Board member of the Swedish Research Council, Professor Medical Microbiology, Departement of Medical Microbiology, Linköping University.

"Finding new means to improve global health should be a priority for all of us".

Johan Rockström
Professor, Water systems and Global Sustainability Director, Stockholm Resilience Centre Stockholm University.

“Global health interacts with rapid social and environmental changes, which calls for new integrated strategies of planetary stewardship.”


Mariam Claeson
Deputy Director for Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

“If we care about poverty reduction and inequities, then reduction in maternal, neonatal and child deaths would be a priority on the post 2015 development agenda.”


Robert Beaglehole
Adviser in the Department of Health Service Provision, Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, University of Auckland.

"This is an opportunity to strengthen the global movement for the prevention and treatment of non-communicable diseases (heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer and respiratory diseases) - the leading causes of death globally".

Ruth Bonita
Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, University of Auckland.

"Governments can meet their commitments to the "25 by 25" goal
(25% reduction in NCD mortality by 2025) by adopting a simple stepwise approach and keeping focussed on a small number of cost-effective priority interventions".

Peter Friberg
President, Swedish Society of Medicin

Anders Nordström
Ambassador for Global Health, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sweden

Maria Larsson
Minister for Children and the Elderly



Moderator Nisha Pillai
Independent moderator,  former BBC news presenter and investigative journalist.



Sami Al Fakir

Roopa Dhatt
IFMSA - International Federation of Medical Students'  Associations

Usman Mushtaq
Youth Commission on Global Governance for Health

Lola Dare

Centre for Health Sciences Training, Research and Development CHESTRAD International

Lena Ek
Minister for the Environment

Carl Bennet
Carl Bennet AB

René Loewenson
Founder of Training and Research Support Centre (TARSC), Zimbabwe.


Tore Laerdal
Laerdal Foundation

Arun Nanda
WHO, Senior Strategy & Policy Advisor



Erik Westberg and the Chamber Choir


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Global Health

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