SSAC Foundation

Scandinavian Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy Foundation Application period 1 December 2017 - 1 February 2018

The Foundation distributes grants for research related to the treatment of infectious diseases with antibacterial, antiviral, antimycotic or antiparasitic agents. The assets of the Foundation originates from the earnings of the 18th International Congress of Chemotherapy in Stockholm in 1993.

Applications can only be made via the internet based application systemResearchweb

Applicants must be members of the Nordic Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, NSCMID. The membership must have been granted no later than November 1st the year before the application. For membership application go to .

Please note!

  • the application must be written in English
  • the application can be made either for a research grant or a travel grant.
  • only applications related to the treatment of infectious diseases with antibacterial, antiviral, antimycotic or antiparasitic agents will be considered for funding
  • the same research project can receive a grant for a maximum of three consecutive years
  • research projects with Nordic collaboration are encouraged
  • only one application per applicant is allowed per year
  • previous grants must be reported before new grants can be requested. All grants received more than two years ago must be reported before new grants can be considered.
  • curriculum vitae must be entered on the "User account" (personkort) using the application system (Researchweb). Information about how to submit the CV on the "User account"  can be found under "help and service for applicants" (hjälp och service för sökande)

The grant should have been used by the end of December the year after the grant was received. Extension of the grant disposal time can only be approved under exceptional circumstances. A request for an extension must be submitted before the expiration of the disposal time. The disposal time can be extended for a maximum of one year.

An economic report and a short scientific summary should, within two years after receiving the grant, be entered into the application. A summary of approximately 50-100 words, to be published on NSCMID website, must also be included. Each grant must be reported separately in the corresponding application.

Decisions on the grants will be communicated to the applicants via email by end of May. The names of the awardees, the titles of their research projects and the amounts awarded will also be published on the NSCMID website. It is suggested that the grants would be transferred to the University Clinic where the research is carried out. Grants must be requested the same calendar year they were received, i.e. not later than 31st December, the year of application.

In articles to be published, Scandinavian Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy Foundation, should be acknowledged.

More information: Monica Windén
+46 (0)8-440 88 66

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