Gerdt C Riise


Associate professor since 1998 in Respiratory Medicine at Gothenburg University. Published over 70 peer reviewed articles.

Professional positions:
• Senior registrar at the dept. of Respiratory Medicine, Sahlgrenska University Hospital.
• In charge of the dept. of Pulmonary Diagnostic.
• Medical  Chief for Lung transplantation Programme, 2007.
• Appointed University Hospital Senior Fellow at Sahlgrenska University Hospital 2011.

1:st opponent at Stina Gregersen’s dissertation 2012 Rikshospitalet, Oslo.
1:st opponent at Esther Belmaati’s disseration 2012 Rikshospitalet, Copenhagen.

Academical Supervision
Chief supervisor for PhD-student doctor Petrea Ericson, defended her thesis nov-2016.
Chief supervisor for registered PhD-student doctor Jesper Magnusson, will defend jan- 2018.
Secondary supervisor for PhD-student doctor Andreas Wallinder, Thoracic Surgery.